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Site Revised:  11 March 2019

West End Refugee Service is a registered charity supporting
asylum seekers and refugees in Newcastle upon Tyne.

WERS has an excelent reputation for its warm and friendly welcome
and the consistently high quality of its services.

Life for asylum seekers in the UK is tough.  Many have been tortured,
imprisoned or raped in their home country and all have suffered
bereavement and separation from family and friends.

The situation is then made worse by the many
problems of life as an asylum seeker in Britain.
Low income, social isolation, racial harassment,
unemployment, prolonged separation from family,
difficulties with cultural adaptation and the
fear of being returned to dangerous situations
if their asylum applications are unsuccessful.

In the early days, negative media reporting, political antipathy,
a lack of educational and employment opportunities and
hostility from local communities created a climate which
did little to aid the integration process of refugees.

Although things have improved, much still needs to be done to
create an inclusive and welcoming society which recognises the
enormous contribution to the UK that refugees can make.

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