St George’s United Reformed Church

Carlisle, UK

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St George’s United Reformed Church
West Walls, Carlisle

As Christian people we meet together for friendship and mutual care;
to find an opportunity for reflection about what really matters in life;
to find moments of peace in a busy world; and to find the strength
to live our lives more fully and more lovingly
and more generously.

We look to the life, teaching and example of Jesus
for guidance and inspiration.




Revd Nick Mark
156 Lowry Hill Road
Telephone:  [01228 526162]

Mrs Rosalind Fearon
Telephone:  [016973 44892]


This is our normal pattern of worship.
Please consult our Diary page to check for variations from it.

Sunday Morning Services

There is a Morning Service at 11.00am every Sunday.
On the fourth Sunday of the month this is a Communion Service.
Communion is offered to members of all main Christian denominations.
All who love the Lord.

St George’s belongs to a Pastorate which comprises the Knowe Church at Bewcastle,
the United Reformed Church at Brampton as well as ourselves.
The service on the fifth Sunday in any month is for the whole Pastorate
and may occasionally be held in one of the other Churches.

Saturday Prayer Meetings

A Prayer Meeting is held at 11.30am on Saturday mornings
following the regular Coffee Morning.


We publish a monthly newsletter which
serves as a link between all three
churches in the North Cumbria Pastorate
and goes under the title ‘Bridge’.

Here are links to the
current and previous editions.
You will need Adobe Reader
or similar to view them.

Current ‘Bridge’

Previous ‘Bridge’


Links are provided on our Outreach page
to websites run by the organisations
and charities we support.

Here is a link to our Church’s agreed
safeguarding policy and some other links
which might be useful.

On this website, blue underlined links
navigate within the site and red underlined
links navigate to websites belonging
to other organisations.

Safeguarding Policy

Carlisle Refugee Action Group

Local Bus Timetable

Methodists at Tithe Barn

URC National

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Revd Nick Mark:  [01228 526162]
Rosalind Fearon:  [016973 44892]
Trevor Irwin:  [01228 533536]

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